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మల్టి గ్రైన్ మిక్స్

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Multi Grain Mix is just what it means - a combination of 8 Grains, 3 Pulses/Legumes, 4 Nuts/Oil Seeds, Sago and Cardamom, and is the ideal source for a complete diet. A switch to Multi Grain Mix may be your healthiest decision. Multi Grain Mix is high in complex carbohydrates and protein. Complex carbs are great for energy production. They break down slower thereby providing energy over a longer period of time. Protein component in Multi Grain Mix aids the body in tissue repair and also in the production of antibodies that help fight diseases/infections. Additionally, Multi Grain Mix contains nutrients, fiber, essential minerals like magnesium, copper & iron, along with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and starch that help in metabolism, building strong bones & teeth and enhancing overall health & well-being.

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